Monitor Your Feed Bins At Your Fingertips.

With BinTalk, you can view your feed bin levels in the BarnTalk app 24/7, from any location.

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Reliable Readings

BinTalk delivers dependable, real-time readings that provide you with 24/7 visibility into your feed bin levels.


Accurate Measurements

With >96% accuracy compared to bin scales, BinTalk provides accurate monitoring that’s more affordable and easier to install.


Optimize Feed Ordering

Know what’s been delivered and never run out or forget to order feed again.


Clip. Connect. Monitor.

Clip it to the top of your bin.

Forget about drilling holes. BinTalk’s patented clip-on mounting makes installation easy.

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Connect up to 8 BinTalk sensors per Gateway.

BinTalk wirelessly connects to your BarnTalk Gateway and calculates feed levels using HD camera technology. Connect up to 8 BinTalk sensors per Gateway.

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Monitor levels in real-time with your BarnTalk app.

View your feed bin levels in real-time with the BarnTalk app. Stop climbing bins and prevent feed outages before they happen.



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